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A Grab & Go Brew Kit – When the Sh!t hasn’t necessarily hit the fan!

A grab and go brew kit is a small truck bag or rucksack that has all the elements to quickly brew up a hot drink. Being a Brit my preference is tea but I also carry packet soups, hot chocolates, coffee and a few other sachets. The kit centres around a small stove that can quickly heat a small amount of water to boiling point. There are various options available that can complete this task and many different fuel sources that they run on.

Being able to pull to the side of the road and make a well earned and steaming hot cup of something is an incredible moral boast. Cradling a hot beverage gives you time to reflect on whatever predicament you find yourself in or just take stock of the life, the scenery and anything else going through your brain.You will also find many passengers are impressed with the offer of a freshly made hot drink. Where a brew kit really excels is it is design to heat the right amount of water for a drink – you don’t need a huge two burner stove to make a cup of tea and the thought of rigging one up would deter most from pausing for a break.

It is often joked that the British Army will go to war and beg, borrow and steal any equipment they may need along the way – but they can always brew up a cup of tea. In fact many of their fighting vehicles have dedicated water heaters for making tea and warming their MRE meals. This blog highlights some of the more compact and versatile options available for your brew kit and discusses some other ingredients that come in handy.

So before we take a look at a range of stoves to build your brew kit around lets discuss what else makes up my brew kit. These are all packed in a nice little waterproof bag that actually came from an early Land Rover Discovery. In no particular order along with the stove I carry:

  • Normal & Decaffeinated Tea Bags
  • 3-in-1 Coffee, Whitener & Sugar sachets
  • Small jar of coffee
  • Coffee Whitener
  • Sweeteners & Sugar sachets
  • Hot chocolate sachets
  • Powdered Cup-a-Soups (assorted flavours)
  • Lemon tea powder
  • Small pack of biscuits
  • Plastic teaspoons
  • Smartwater 600ml water bottles (this brand has particularly strong bottle construction)
  • A pack of “hot drink” paper cups
  • Disposable lighters & stove fuel
  • A folded sheet of tinfoil (can be used to make a wind brake around stove)

Now this might sounds like a lot but when you shop in dollar stores everything seems to be smaller packets and a lot can be stored cleverly such as in the top paper cup etc. In fact the whole kit including stove takes up less space than a small shoe box and a lot of items can be acquired for free by visiting motels, cafes and fast food eateries. I find the bottles of smartwater to not only be particularly strong but also ideal in size for two people to share a brew and these can be picked up most places making replenishment easy and removes the worry of swapping out the contents of water bottles filled myself.

So now the contents is out the way lets look at my top five stoves for this type of kit, all available from our store:

Esbit Ultralight Folding Pocket Stove with Six 14g Solid Fuel Tablets

This is an excellent and compact stove using fuel gel squares for fuel. They are incredibly low tech and extremely reliable but can take a little longer to heat the water than other stoves due to the gentle burn the fuel gel emits. For more info on this stove click here

Camplux Portable Outdoor Camping Butane Gas Stove Single Burner 8000BTU with Carrying Case

This stove is by far the biggest in our list but no one can deny how many versions of this type of stove have flooded the market in recent years. The storage case makes them easy and neat to stow and the heat from the burner is extremely quick. The gas canisters seem to last an age and are extremely cheap as well as being simple to connect with no tools required. If you have a vehicle based brew kit this stove would be my personal recommendation when its extra size isn’t an issue. For more information click here

Esbit CS585HA 3-Piece Lightweight Camping Cook Set

Another great product from Esbit this stove works on the same fuel source as our first stove but the burner stores inside the cup and lid which in turn is stored in a mesh bag. This means everything you need to make your brew is available in one extremely compact little package. For more information click here.

Etekcity 2 Pack Ultralight Mini Outdoor Backpacking Camping Stove with Piezo Ignition (Orange)

These tiny little gas bottle stoves are quick and easy to set up and have an internal ignition system. They are vulnerable to wind and can look a little unstable depending on the gas canister used but are the mainstay of backpacker’s cooking solutions. For more information click here.

Lixada Lightweight Compact Stainless Folding Wood Stove for Outdoor Camping Cooking Picnic, Compact Design Perfect for Survival,Hunting & Emergency Preparation

The Lixada stove is a lightweight wood burning stove that works by burning any small pieces of wood or twigs available on the ground. This means fuel can be found virtually anywhere but it is a little bit more work than one of the stoves above. There is nothing on this stove complicated though and that simplicity might sway many a person to picking it for their brew kit. As mine are more vehicle based brew kits I prefer the simplicity of gas or gel type options. For more information click here.

So there you have it the makings of your very own brew kit. We also sell a full range of pocket and full size stoves in our prepping store – to view our full range including the heat powered phone charger stove click below: