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Low Tech Prep – Learning From Expeditions #preppertalk #prepper

KISS. Not the band the philosophy of “Keep it simple stupid” is a mantra I wish I remembered more often. This is particularly true of prepping – keep to low tech prep! I am guilty of writing reams of plans when I start to consider a project and I usually have to go through several versions before I have thoroughly removed all the day dreams and eccentric parts of the plan and settled on the low tech simple method. I fully admit I am dreamer. Right now I am trying to find companies in America to work with on a portfolio of designs and inventions!

That said I have always enjoyed simple solutions to problems. I remember fondly the old one of NASA spent millions developing a pen that would write in space, the Russians took a pencil. It actually turns out to be untrue as the Russians as well as Americans realised that if you snap a pencil you have a little carbon filament able to float into electronics, cause short circuits and all manner of problems. The notion behind it though well that is the stuff of legend. For the most part simple works.

I used to love reading magazines on expeditions and scouring forums for clever solutions to people’s problems. I recall one such example and excellent low tech prep. A couple were driving their Land Rover Discovery V8 around the world. They carried out a series of modifications that were incredibly simple yet highly advantageous. For example when they realised a twin battery system would be desirable they came up with a simple system of having two batteries under the hood. To make sure both remained charged they swapped battery leads every couple of days. That was it! If they needed to jump start they just swapped the lead over to the good battery and away they went. Once running they connected the dead battery and disconnected the good one and in this way both batteries remained charged. They used to check the oil and water daily so two minutes with a crescent wrench was no big problem.

They also approached their refrigeration system with equal simplicity – another low tech prep. After looking at the costs, reliability and sizes of typical vehicle fridges they went out and purchased a large cool box instead. They modified the cool box to have a small wire rack in its base to create a space for melted ice to accumulate and fitted a drain tap in the base. They reasoned that they could buy ice most places and careful opening and packing of the cool box would keep the temperature cold enough for a good few days. They drained the water regularly which prevented extra ice melt and topped up the cool box with fresh ice whenever it was available. You can’t get any simpler than that system and they proved that as they kept that system for over two years without a problem.

PIC FROM CATERS NEWS – (PICTURED: Turkey) – Ever fancied travelling the world? This remarkable couple have done just that covering most of the worlds surface in their beloved Land Rover! Peter and Eileen Crichton, 72 and 65, have travelled the world in their 3.5 V8i 1991 Land Rover Discovery, named Rabia, having started their epic challenge almost twenty years ago. 

If you want to learn more about their simple solutions to problems, all of which would make you a better prepper then I highly recommend reading their book. You will not be disappointed and it is also just a fantastic read. Take a look at your preps and ask are they low tech prep?

Circling Home: A Journey Round the World from Saudi Arabia by Land Rover Discovery