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The Importance of Fire: Making a Survival Fire Lighting Kit #prepper

Fire Lighting Kit for Survival, EDC, Bug Out and SHTF

Fire is quite simply one of the most important items to secure early on in a survival situation. Having a survival fire lighting kit ensures that you have a reliable means by which to light a fire. Many preppers chuck a disposable lighter or even a Fire Steel in their bag and class that requirement as ticked but I can’t stress enough the danger of that practice.

For example many could survive in a situation better than most simply with the knowledge they possess, but they still make bug out bags and EDC kits to give themselves the BEST possible chance of survival. As such firelighting should be seen as something that is a must to survive.

A successful fire lighting kit should ideally come in two parts. One part should be part of your pocket EDC or every day carry. The second larger part should be in your grab bag. We will look closely into the contents of each portions of the fire lighting kit.

Fire Lighting Kit In Your EDC

I love zippo lighters but I have to warn you that they can leave you unable to light a fire. Carried in a pocket they need regular servicing and fuelling to continue to work. In the days of smoking your lighter was often well maintained and ready to go but in these more health conscious days many lighters remain in the pocket for weeks on end. A disposable lighter like a nice Clipper or Bic lighter is sealed, waterproof and it’s fuel level is clearly visible on the clear bodied models. My local dollar store even sells disposable lighters with an LED torch in the base. One of these is perfect carried on your person.

If you really do love your zippo though then carry it in a leather belt pouch and remember to do the necessary up keep to it.

Your Bag Fire Lighting Kit

First of all your fire lighting kit needs to be waterproof. There is no point storing all this equipment and then finding it unable to function after a heavy downpour, fall into water or through sweating into your backpack. The key to waterproofing is many seals. If you have a waterproof container then make the job of it simply to keep the waterproof zip lock bag inside of it dry. In the zip lock bag place your essential fire lighting items.

A fire lighting kit can be fitted into a small survival tin or pocket mint tin, and PVC insulation tape can be used to waterproof the tin. Survivalists love these tins as they fit neatly into bags and pockets and can double as signal mirrors and even cookware at a push.

In your tin it is possible to fit:

  • A fire steel rod and striker
  • A bundle of strike anywhere matches dipped in candle wax and a piece of sandpaper for striking.
  • A small magnifying glass lense for solar ignition of tinder
  • A small cube of a firelighter used for igniting stoves and open fires (wrapped in cling wrap)
  • A small length of cycle inner tube
  • A disposable lighter
  • Char cloth or tinder
  • A Tealight candle
  • A thin birthday cake candle
  • Some sheets of folded paper and oil soaked paper
  • A sheet of folded tinfoil for containing and catching sparks on to the tinder
  • A utility knife blade for making feather sticks in an emergency

As you can see you can get a lot in that little tin and maximise your ability to strike a fire anywhere. Many of the items are self explanatory but a few are worth a further mention.

Rubber inner tube is easily lit from a lighter and burns well to help ignite large pieces of kindling. A birthday cake candle lit horizontally adds its own fuel in the form of paraffin wax to the kindling to help ignition. A fire lighting cube burns for about 5 minutes and can usually get most kindling going even if a little damp.

Most importantly you have given yourself 4 separate ways of creating fire! You have also given yourself 6 items that are easily ignited and additional tools to help such as the knife and tinfoil.

We stock a few items in our shop that can begin to aid in building your fire lighting kit. You can view these by clicking below (

Fire Lighting Kit for Survival, EDC, Bug Out and SHTF
Fire Lighting Kit for Survival, EDC, Bug Out and SHTF in our Shop