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Test Your Prepping Skills! EDC Prepper Snow Storm Challenge 1

Test Your Prepping EDC Snowstorm Challenge

Adparitio’s first offering on YouTube was a video to test your prepping skills and EDC to see if you could survive in an ever worsening situation in a winter snowstorm. Whilst the video may have been a little crude and certainly long the challenges faced were all legitimate problems for the scenario.

Whilst we may be slowly working our ways towards summer it is still important to take the lessons learned and apply them to your own equipment. It is very easy to lose sight when prepping and periodically reviewing your set up reminds you where your equipment is, what you really expect to use and how effective it would be.

One lesson learned in this video was that you can have all the equipment in the world but if you don’t have it easily to hand it is all for nought.