Torrey Pines Logic T12-N Thermal Imaging Sight

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Torrey Pines Logic T12-N Thermal Imaging Sight. Hogs and varmints can run… but they are able to’t hide! SAVE! Find your target in complete darkness, bad weather, smoke and more! If it radiates heat, you’ll be able to see it! No matter if it’s the dead of a moonless night, in the course of a storm, on a smoke-filled battlefield or in dense cover, the advanced, heat-detecting capability of this Torry Pines Logic T12-N Thermal Imaging Sight sees what night vision scopes can’t. The features of this remarkably compact Sight rival that of models costing a lot more: wide-angle field of view, More than one display views, temperature read-out and numerous mounting options, including a standard Picatinny mount and take care of that allows to be used as a handheld device. Excellent for hog hunting and other midnight or foul weather hunts, plus useful for security, search and rescue, energy efficiency / maintenance and electrical applications. Keep your eyes on the prize: On-board image processing enhancement modes; Manual and automatic NUC capability; Temperature read-out; Battery read-out and protection; Auto power-save helps conserve battery when not in use; More than one display views: white hot, color, black hot, NV green; Field of view: 25 degrees; Effective range: 120m; Resolution: 80 x 60 pixels with FLIR Leptons; Frame rate: 30Hz; Shutter: No; Measures 2.65″ x 1.79″ x 1.77″, weighs 109 grams (without battery); Uses CR123 3V battery for approx. 8 hours of operation (not included); Includes wrist strap and take care of with Picatinny rail.; Put the power of all-seeing thermal imagery to give you the results you want! Please Note: This product has a Box style Reticle, NOT Crosshairs as pictured. WARNING: Shipping restrictions apply to the product(s) above under some jurisdictions. Known Age, State and Local shipping restrictions are applied at Checkout and may result in changes to an order. Torrey Pines Logic T10-N Thermal Imaging Sight

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