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“The Bushcraft Handbooks” were first published in Australia in 1952. Based on the Author’s wartime service in Australia and New Guinea teaching “Junglecraft” to Australian and American forces, they are distilled, concentrated old-time bushcraft knowledge, presented in a very easy to assimilate format. For those who remember that them, the Bushcraft Handbooks are also a heavy hit of nostalgia. Rather than publish all of the volumes under the one cover, the Author originally chose to publish each aspect of bushcraft in its own individual handbook. His rationale was that the reader was more inclined to take a 50 page handbook with him into the wilds than a 400 page book. The former can be easily slipped into a pocket or daypack, at the same time as the latter cannot. The Bushcraft Handbooks are useless unless the reader practices the skills the books were designed to impart. The individual handbooks format was chosen to improve that end. Out of print for decades, and in keeping with the Author’s wishes, this series of Bushcraft Handbooks are reproduced as close to their original format as conceivable. The series comprises the following volumes: Bush Ropemaking, Bush Hutmaking, Traps & Snares, Bush Campcraft, Time & Direction, Shuttle & Gear, Food & Water in the Bush, Firemaking & Lighting, Trapping & Tracks, Knots & Lashings. From the introduction to “Bush Campcraft: “With the only tool a machete or a sharp knife, it is practical and easy to set up a camp in comfort. Everything one needs for bed, table, seats and chairs, cooking, and even lighting is frequently available in the area immediately around the camp. A small amount of knowledge is needed and some of this is given in this handbook. Campcraft, like all the other skills in bushcraft develops the powers of remark to a remarkable degree, and with this the ability to adapt or improvise. It is applicable by all who camp, regardless of whether the camping is a once-a-year venture with a car and auto tent, or a weekend adventure with a pack on one’s back. There need be no discomfort for anyone in camping if they have knowledge of how to set up a camp in comfort. A properly made camp bed can be as restful as a sprung mattress, and no food is more flavoursome than when cooked in the out-of-doors. If the camper does not know how to camp in comfort there will be times throughout heavy rain when wood appears too wet to take fire, or when the wind is so high that the heat of the fire is blown under and away from the water in the billy the camper is attempting to boil, or when ants or bush rats find the food supply. This book shows many things you’ll do to make your camping more comfortable, and considerably safer.”

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