Kubotan Self-Defense

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Kubotans are close-quarter self defense tool that can save your life when the chips are down! When used properly, the small and compact kubotan is a fist full of dynamite that will enable you to immediately drop any size thug to his knees.

Kubotans are frequently used by police officers, security guards, bouncers, doormen and ladies and men of all ages. The unfortunate fact is the general public who carry a kubotan stick have no idea how to use it accurately. This is because there is virtually no information available on this incredible weapon. But now, for the first time, there is a professional dvd specifically devoted to the usage of the Kubotan and Yawara stick in real world self defense situations.

In Kubotan Self-Defense, martial arts expert Sammy Franco teaches you everything you wanted to know about this fantastic weapon of opportunity. You don’t need previous martial arts training to learn to unlock the true power of this fantastic self defense tool. In this DVD program, you’ll learn:

  • Stances & postures
  • Hand grips
  • Kubotan submission & wrist locks
  • Devastating kubotan & yawara strikes
  • Concealment techniques
  • Kubotan pain compliance holds
  • “Fist loading” techniques
  • 5 Purposes of the Kubotan
  • Phases of Kubotan Combat
  • High & Low Concealment Positions
  • Escaping from Chokes and Holds
  • Vital Striking & Pressure Point Targets
  • Live “Contact” Kubotan Demonstrations
  • Kubotan Drift Drills
  • Kubotan Ground Fight & Submission Techniques
  • Kubotan and Body Opponent Bag (BOB) Training

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