Homesteading: Your Guide to Self Sustainability, Growing Food, and Getting Off the Grid (Homesteading Basics – An Essential Guide to Creating Your Own Homestead for Sustainability and Self Reliance)

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Homesteading – Your Beginners Guide to Building the Ultimate Homestead!

Your Guide to Self Sustainability, Growing Food, and Getting Off the Grid Homesteading isn’t just a pipe dream anymore! Sign up for the millions of people across the world who are getting off the grid and building a sustainable lifestyle by forging their own sustainable and thriving homestead. You’re going to learn about Gardening, Homesteading myths, zoning, composting, nutrition basics, healthcare, and much more! Top 5 Benefits of Homesteading 1. SAVE MONEY! – Homesteading can be a wonderful way to create a sustainable lifestyle and not be a slave to the power grid or big food companies. 2. Nourish your Body – Your body craves the vital nutrients that fresh fruits and veggies have to offer! When you grow organic produce you are literally flooding your cells with live foods that help you ward of diseases and keep you lean and healthy. The food is yours and You’re going to know exactly what you put in it so You’ll feel good knowing you aren’t harming your body. 3. Beat Disease and avoid GMO’s- The majority of modern diseases are a result of over nutrition. Scarier than that is that big food companies are spraying foods with pesticides and manipulating the produces genetic code which causes a whole host of problems. People are literally stuffing themselves with “dead” overly processed foods that are filled with harmful substances and offer little nutritional value. When you know what goes in the soil You’re going to be one step ahead of the game. You’re going to begin give your body what it craves and also start beating back diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. 4. Get off the Grid! – What if you could use solar, wind, and other green energy sources to completely eliminate expensive utility bills? 5. Teach Others – Part of the benefit in learning about Homesteading for beginners is that once you have learned how to do it You’ll give back and teach you children, friends, and family. Together we will be able to create a more sustainable and happy world! A Message from Best Selling Creator Prescott Marshall Welcome, and thanks for checking out this page. I consider the universe brings us to certain places for a reason and you are here because you wish to have to learn about the amazing benefits of Homesteading for Beginners I firmly consider everyone should get a chance to learn about sustainable living and building your own Homestead is the easiest way I know how to do it.

What You Will Learn

What is homesteading The Homestead Act (1862 to 1976 The Back to the Land Movement Homesteading – Today, The following day and Beyond What are the limits of homesteading in the modern world? Common myths about homesteading 10 facts about homesteading Zoning, regulations and the homestead What does homesteading look like? All in? Or the half life? Making connections to help make stronger your efforts What not to do Discovering Permaculture Permaculture applied to growing food Composting & Vermiculture Urban gardening Container Gardening Vertical Gardening Aquaponics Hydroponics Trading and exchange Gathering Reclaiming Food without chemicals More awareness of physical health Handling health emergencies The basics of nutrition The basics of healthcare 50 should-have Skills for Homesteading The Essential Skills 5 Essential Recipes The most important thing in your kitchen

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