Ham Radio Boost: Lessons Learned in Amateur Radio

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Whether you are an experienced ham or just beginning your amateur radio journey, this book will inspire you to take a look at new things, think in a different way about the hobby, and get a boost in your ham radio life. From challenging yourself more to sharing your experiences with other hams, from resisting the siren call of new gear to in any case learning Morse code: in this little book, Lucien reflects his own radio lessons and will provide you with tips and tricks to conquer your stumbling blocks – and bring your ham radio experience to a new level. Contents: 10 things I’ve learned Be a cool kid—be a ham! Wasting time on the internet Living the ham spirit You were given ears—learn how to use them Obsession is our enemy Spending money on gear doesn’t make you happy Great plans, no results Operating in public: enjoy the spotlight! Get a grip on the ‘dabble disease’ Challenge yourself ‘Miracle products’ or designs Lost in confusion: the world of online reviews Textbook perfectionism Antenna restrictions? I’ll pay extra! CW: lessons learned in humility Soldering connectors: patience pays Buy cheap, buy twice No boxes needed: think for yourself Finishing projects (or not) QSL cards: a neverending story In with the new: breaking habits Sharing is caring Nice to meet you on QRZ.com Forums—home of the flame wars Don’t press the red button Keep it real: stay true to your abilities When WD-40 goes fallacious Hoarding information Let’s go outside: don’t be a ham loner Keep your head up Bashing your national radio club (or those who bash it) Commitment is king Who needs to prepare? Be open to change Don’t be a quitter Lucien, call sign DH7LM, combines his experience as a ham with his background in consulting and coaching in addition to his interest in our psychological quirks that will help you get the most out of the hobby. Start boosting your ham radio experience today!

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