Bug Out Bracelet Paracord Bracelet Survival Kit with firestarter, p38, knife, fishing hook, compass, water purification, etc.

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***Ink pen replaced with 5HB Pencil Lead*** When your other supplies aren’t to be had you’ll be able to depend on this Bug Out Bracelet. It is a micro survival kit equipped with a loadout of gear allowing you to start a fire, build shelter, purify water, signal for lend a hand, waterproof a poncho, replace a shoelace, fish, carve an arrow/fashions bow, set a snare trap, tighten a lose screw, boil/cook, open a can of food, skin an animal, white a note, signal, suture a wound, and the like. It is a lightweight EDC Bug Out Bag to your wrist or to attached on your backpack. Items marked with asterisk (*) are able for quick deployment. The Bug Out Bracelet includes- 1. 10′-15′ Paracord: 2. *Kevlar Utility Thread: 3. *Fire Starter Ferro Rod: 4. *Whistle: 5. *Ceramic Striker Blade: 6. *SOLAS Reflective Surface: 6. *Ranger Bands: 7. *P38 Can Opener: 8. *Live Fire Wick: 9. Strike Anywhere Match: 10. Bandage: 11. Safety Pin: 12. Needle/Pick: 13. Duct Tape Strapping:14. Two Water Purification Tabs: 15. Square of Aluminum Foil: 16. Small Fish Hook: Bushman Wire: 17. Security Pin: 18. Nail: 19. Shim Pin: 20. Pencil Lead Rod: 21. Survival Torch: 22. Jute String: 23. Surgical Carving Blade:

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