ALPS Men’s Skeleton Stainless Steel Mechanical Watch Dress Watch

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Sold and Ships by ALPS
Mechanical hand-wind movement with analog display
Hardlex crystal dial window

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ALPS Automatic Watch
What is mechanical watch ?
A mechanical watch is a watch that uses a mechanical mechanism to measure the passage of time, as opposed to modern quartz watches which function electronically. It is driven by a spring (called a mainspring) which will have to be wound periodically.
How to Wind a Watch
1.Remove the wrist watch from your arm or storage. It isn’t advisable to wind a watch at the same time as it is on the arm because, with the watch tight against the skin, the winding motion may not be effective.
2. Hold the watch face up in your left hand. Reverse the position, of course, if left-handed. The stem may have several settings, including settings for time, calendar, alarm, or time zone. The settings are located at little “clicks” as you pull the stem out or push it in. Use trial and error to feel the clicks and identify the winding position.
3. Use the thumb and index finger to carefully pull out the watch stem by the stem’s top or “crown.” This can be difficult because you do not need to over-wind the mechanism. Be conservative; stop when you feel resistance, but if the watch runs down sooner than you like, you know you did not reasonably hit the maximum tension. In time, you are going to develop a feel for the resistance.
4 Turn the stem forward repeatedly until some resistance is felt. Depending on the size of the watch, 20 to 40 forward turns will have to lead to resistance; over-winding will strain or break the mechanism.
5 Press the crown to return stem to its place.
6.The Automatic watch is powered by the motion of the wearer’s wrist. If the watch is not worn for 8 or more active hours per day, it’ll run slower than usual or even stop briefly. You wish to have to shake the watch or wind it when start to use it
Sold and Ships by ALPS
Mechanical hand-wind movement with analog display
Hardlex crystal dial window
Functions without a battery; powers with the mechanical movement
Please wind the mechanical watch by turning the crown clockwise for 15 to 20 complete revolutions each day. Over 20 times may do harm to the watch mechanism.

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