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EDC Tactical Pen – Why You Need One #edc #shtf #prepper

life saving tactical pen

The pen is mightier than the sword…. said no one ever when they are stood holding a pen against a sword wielding maniac! That said if your only defense is a tactical pen you are infinitely more equipped to deal with an attacker. A tactical pen is an incredibly versatile tool usually constructed from aluminium, steel or more expensive metals for prestige models.

The benefits of a tactical pen are:

  • A force multiplier
  • A window breaker
  • A tourniquet bar
  • A pressure applicator
  • A totally legal to carry solution anywhere
  • And of course – a handy writing implement
life saving tactical pen
life saving tactical pen

Quite an impressive list of features for the lowly pen! A force multiplier is a tactical pen’s main feature. It is designed to convert the striking force of a blow into a highly focused impact – an analogy I remember from school, which I now realise reveals a little sadomasochism in my teacher was a stiletto. Imagine someone standing on your chest with a trainer, and that same person then standing on your chest with a stiletto heel. Which is going to hurt more? The thin point of the stiletto is the answer. Why? The weight of the person standing on your chest is no longer spread across the surface area of the trainer but is focused on an area little greater than the head of a tack. It is this “force multiplication” that makes a tactical pen such an important tool in a self defense or hand to hand combat situation.

If we apply this force multiplication to the tactical pen imagine striking an attacker with your closed fist. Your reasonable soft, reasonably large fist. You might stun them, you might cause them to back off for a few seconds but a single punch is rarely a fight winning blow and often risks damage to your own fist in the process. Now, grasp a tactical pen in your hand and bring it to bare on an attacker’s myriad of pressure points or vulnerable limbs and with each blow you focus all your energy and cause extensive and subduing pain to your attacker. One blow can literally put them out of the fight.

In fact a tactical pen is so efficient at force multiplication that even if you were held in a grip hold and could only move your hand a short distance the force multiplication would still make this an excruciating blow to the attacker. You do not even need to be particularly trained in the use of a tactical pen but some key points are important to remember. The diagram below shows some of the most effective areas to strike on a human target. As you can see there is no shortage of ares that a tactical pen brought to bare on what not incapacitate or stun your attacker long enough for you to make your escape.

Tactical Pen Strike Points
Tactical Pen Strike Points

The impressive defense applications alone more than justify this lightweight Every Day Carry EDC being carried but you also gain more. Firstly that same force multiplication pressure point doubles as a glass breaker for car windows and buildings. In an emergency reaching into your pocket and quickly striking a blow onto a window and you create an escape point immediately. It is strong enough and powerful enough to even work on toughened safety glass fitted to automobiles.

In addition using your tactical pen with a handkerchief, belt, necktie, power cord or rope and you can make a field tourniquet for a serious bleed. Using the tactical pen to twist the improvised tourniquet binding tighter and tighter you have now turned the lowly pen into a weapon, and escape tool and a life saving medical tool.

So is there anything else this impressive pen can do? Well yes.. you don’t just need to strike with this pen. It can be pushed into one of the many pressure points on the human body to apply direct pressure either for medical or pain application reasons. If you have subdued an attacker and wish to keep them compliant whilst awaiting the arrival of the Police applying direct pressure onto a pressure point would cause any attacker to think twice about resisting.

So this miracle tool, this life saving tactical aid is going to be illegal to carry isn’t it? Well no. It is a pen after all. You can carry this tactical pen anywhere. Pretty impressive and best yet they are a very low cost addition to your Every Day Carry EDC. I would highly recommend carrying one at all times. I’d also recommend you issue them to wives, girlfriends and daughters and pretty much every other member of your family!

We sell a full range of tactical pens in our “Self Defense” (click here to view) shop section including the model below. This model below takes the concept one step further and includes an LED torch and a designed striking end that captures DNA evidence of your attacker. Our “Self Defense” shop section not only contains tactical pens but sprays, guides, instructions and other weapons designed to protect you against whatever may try to haunt you.

6 inch led tactical pen with DNA catcher
6 inch led tactical pen with DNA catcher
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