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Top 5 Every Day Carry EDC Torches

Top 5 EDC Torches

Having an EDC Torch, something you every day carry, can be so incredibly important. EDC torches are selected for their light output, construction or size. Whilst it is true many people have torches built into their phones it is also true most emergency situations develop due to a flat battery or broken phone. If you can’t rely on your phone to function then having a dedicated torch is an obvious solution.

Whether you want high light output, small size or a tactical advantage our 5 EDC torches are some of the best light solutions on the market for the prepper, survivalist, camper, hunter or homesteader.


Below are the links to each torch featured in our Top 5 EDC Every Day Carry Torches video.

Kungix LED Tactical Flashlight Torch

FEITONG Tactical Flashlight

H&S Super Bright CREE T6 Torch

LE Adjustable Focus LED Torch

Paragala Outdoor

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