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A Threat To The UK – What To Prepare For As A #Prepper

flu virus threat to the UK

On a Facebook group I subscribe to the question was just asked by a UK resident what the most likely SHTF scenario would be in the UK. In other words the biggest threat to the UK. A lot of replies had that usual British wit but with a slightly sombre mood lingering my reply was a little more detailed.

This sort of incident would not only take hold in the UK and would spread rapidly through the civilised world thanks to mass transit air travel. Before the first symptoms are recognised the virus would have spread to many regions where daily flights come and go.

My response from the Facebook post is below and I welcome any discussion via the comments.

flu virus threat to the UK
flu virus threat to the UK

I think an epidemic or pandemic virus or spreadable infection like a mutated flu or similar. We have come close so many times and our NHS and the back up military medical core are under funded and over stretched.

The real kicker with something like this is even something that has a 50% mortality rate would cause such isolationism amongst people that many core services would fail.

Imagine being the one to infect your family home so you impose a strict quarantine to anyone not in your house and keep those that do reside there protected by keeping them behind locked doors.

Supplies will quickly start to run thin and stepping outside exposes you and your family on your return.

What is scary is we know deadly pathogens have been made in labs, we know they exist in nature too. It makes the cause natural, accidental or terrorist and when you have something that can happen by three different means it makes it more likely.

To be honest even a bad flu year or noravirus or mutated combination of the two without a high mortality rate would still impact services so much and retail centres so greatly that problems could develop.

Then there is the mass hysteria should someone sneeze in public during the outbreak – mob culture would treat them like a zombie even though they weren’t lusting for brains.

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